Clubs 3141 - New Member Induction
Fellow Rotarians, it is my privilege and pleasure today to welcome into membership in our club, whose name was proposed by . The proposal has been reviewed in accordance with our club constitution and bylaws. I now ask (sponsor) to come up here with (proposed new member). , we now proceed to admit you into membership in the Rotary Club of and to the friendship of Rotary throughout the world. It has already been explained to you that the ideal of Rotary is service. Our principal motto is Service Above Self and the object of this club and all Rotary clubs is to encourage and foster this ideal as a basis of worthy enterprise. You are to share in this effort.
You have been approved for membership in this club because we believe you to be a worthy representative of your vocation, interested in the ideals of Rotary, and willing to do your share in translating these ideals into action. You have agreed to accept the obligations of membership in this club and to obey this club’s constitution and bylaws.
Now I have the pleasure of asking your proposer to pin on the Rotary emblem, which we hope you will wear with pride.
Welcome to the Rotary Club of .
Fellow Rotarians, I am happy to present to you Rotarian , our newest member.
Rotarian , will you please bring forward your nominee for membership in our club. You have been selected by the members of this club to hold active membership and are hereby loaned the classification of .-------- The principles, responsibilities, and obligations of Rotary have been explained to you, and you have expressed your willingness to become a Rotarian. No one is eligible to become a Rotarian unless, in his or her business or professional life, he or she endeavors to practice the principles of goodwill and service.
The members of this club have invited you to join them because they believe you are already actuating these principles. In electing you to membership, we are doing more than taking you into our fellowship — we are making you a trustee with us of Rotary’s ideals. Knowing you to be a Rotarian, the world will henceforth judge Rotary by your conduct.
Membership in Rotary is an honor and privilege, and every privilege has its corresponding obligations. One of the special obligations of membership is regular attendance at the weekly meetings; it is the basic method of fulfilling the principle of fellowship as well as a way of representing your vocation.
Every member is expected to perform his or her share of club and community service, and the committees of the club will afford you opportunities to serve. For the rest of this Rotary year, I would be pleased if you would serve on the committee.
Last, but by no means least, is our ideal of friendship. As you expect to receive, so give. May you be stimulated by the friendship you find here, and may we in return know you to be an added source of strength to our club.
Will the members please stand.
It is my privilege and honor to induct you as a member of the Rotary Club of .--------- I also have pleasure in pinning on the emblem of our worldwide association. Wear it always and with pride. Fellow Rotarians, I present to you Rotarian , and I charge you not to fail in your duty by giving your friendship and helping to make his/her membership useful and happy.