District 3141 - DRR
Rohan Dalmia

Leadership is the capacity to translate Vision into Reality; and that is what exactly this leader has done. Introduced to this wonderful world of Rotaract way back in the year 2008 to one of the oldest Clubs of the movement - Rotaract Club of Mumbai DownTown. In The very same year he was nominated as the Outstanding Rotaractor in the District. He took up the post of District Joint Finance Director in 2009-10 before taking up the position of District Director Finance in 2010-11.

Post which he maintained the Systems & Administration of the entire movement as the District Sergeant At Arms in 2011-12. His smart governance qualities were seen in the year 2014-15 when he had to lead the club as the President and also got nominated as the 1st DRR of the bifurcated District in the very same year. As DRR elect he very comfortably handled the posts of Chairman Finance, PR and Marketing during the year 2015-16. His abilities ensured that Rotaract indeed became a Youth Partner to many corporates in the year gone.

Graduated from Lala Lajpatrai College he pursued his Masters in Marketing from NMIMS and went on to do his specialization in Corporate Communication from EMDI Institute of Media & Communications. Professionally he is an entrepreneur, Managing Director at Vinr Group with Marketing Communication as his forte.

Happily married to Nisha who is a teacher at Cathedral & John Connon School Mumbai, has been an instrumental support to his success in Rotaract and life. Communication Doctor is what friends in the industry call him.... His fellow Rotaractors call him Jugaadu...

Cell: +91 9967551866
Email: rohandalmia@gmail.com