District 3141 - Inner Wheel Representative
Falguni Mehta

Falguni is extremely proud of and humbled by her patriotic and culturally rich family tradition, deeply rooted in honesty and integrity, believing in simple living and high thinking. Her paternal and maternal grandparents and extended family have participated selflessly in the independence struggle, which continues to be her greatest source of inspiration till date.

Falguni is a commerce and law honours graduate after which she qualified to be Company Secretary.

To satiate her academic leanings she has been conducting private English classes for several years.

Deeply influenced by the profound Vedanta philosophy, she studied Sanskrit to comprehend Hindu scriptures to give impetus to her spiritual trajectory.

She considers music, art and culture to be imperative for an idealistic, civilized society and formally trained as a piano player in Western classical music through the Royal School of Music, London.

Her knowledge about current market trends enables her to grasp macro socio economic trends in developed and developing nations.

She practises yoga for harmony of body, mind and soul. However, sound emotional and mental health paramount for a stress free society motivated her to pursue Psychoanalysis and Freudian studies.

She affirms that her horizons are widened as an enthusiastic peripatetic and through the wonderful world of books .

Her tryst with Inner Wheel began through her home club-Inner Wheel Club of Bombay that she led in 2009-10. Her sojourn in the District commenced from 2011 as Dist. Editor and subsequently year on year, she discharged her responsibilities, to be finally at the helm in 2016-17.

She was Treasurer of South Asia Rally, Mumbai in 2014.

She has been actively involved in ground level rural community service through a grass root NGO Kushtarog Niwaran Samiti, Shantivan.

She is the daughter of Raksha P. Mehta-Founder Association President of Inner Wheel Clubs in India and Sri Lanka. Other family members are her siblings Sukumar and Mala and their spouses- Neeta and Umesh respectively. Her shining stars are her nephew Adityavarman and niece Nishka.

Cell: +91 9821388339
Email: dist314falgunimehta@gmail.com